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The Internet continues to mature and the economy is connected globally. With the rapid increase in mobile users, iFREE Group is confident to release enormous potential and new opportunities, adhering to the concept of the mutual benefit and win-win cooperation. We're also actively seeking enterprise partners and establishing long-term strategic cooperative relations, this helps promote the competitive ability of both enterprises while realising mutual advantage and improving the brand image. We use the most convenient device to support roaming and subvert the traditional tourism communication mode, which gives our users a new travel experience. We ensure that our partners enchance the customers value with iFREE. Globalization extends to our communication and our business partners.

iFREE group seeks to develop open and fair business cooperation with industry chain partners. iFREE offers many products for customers to meet the needs of all kinds of different cooperation partners. iFREE group offers over 600 global communications operators to our cooperative partners, as well as cooperative service including web portal, Backoffice Management, technical support and iAPP application. We're leading the international communications industry and sharing high-quality resources with industrial chain partners. It will provide comprehensive service and support for cooperative partners and various areas of business of the iFREE group.

iFREE has project partners involved in participating entities operation as well as our own sales channels and selling booths at the international airports. Through the sales of a series of iFREE products, it enhances the brand and product image. The powerful iFREE Ecosystem contains plenty of peripheral tourism products and helps to form a brand chain.

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