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MOGO S Advantages

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No Roaming Charges:
Connect to local networks without paying roaming fees

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Enjoy local rates without bill shock

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Travel to 200+ countries with ONE SIM

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Excellent Customer Service:
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Softsim Card

Local Charge, Global Connection

iFREE MOGO S is a global data SIM card that offers worldwide coverage in more than 200 countries. To deliver the ultimate convenience of connectivity to every traveller, iFREE MOGO S is equipped with high stability and high-speed internet through our extensive network in global connectivity. To help travellers save dramatically from high roaming costs, our technology has opened doors to offer local rates for international calls by connecting to 3G/4G networks without the use of international roaming.

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Four Steps to Access Internet

SIM Card

Global Data Package

1.Purchase a global data package on our application

2.Insert the SIM card when you arrive at your destination country

3.Set the APN to your destination country

4.Enjoy the high-speed Internet

Global Mobile Data Covers 200+ Countries

Wi-Fi Hotspots Covers 60 Million

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Frequent Ask Questions

Products (5)

iFREE MOGO S What kind of device can iFREE MOGO S be used??
A:Phones that support GSM, WCDMA, FDD-LTE system can be used. SIM card will be activited after it is inserted. (for Dual-Card Dual-Standby phone, MOGO S should be inserted into the main slot)
Can MOGO S be charged?
A:Package ofhSofiSIM card is purchased according to the country and number of days you need. If the days of package is not enough for you to go on internet at destination country, you can buy add-on package of the local country to continue to use.( Add-on package is available in 3 continuous days after package's ending day, and it is available only when you buy the package before. Each add-on package has one day validity)
Can I make calls or send messages with my MOGO S card?
A:We are sorry that iFREE MOGO S is an overseas Internet-access card, so it cannot be used to make call or send message.( Only when you are in Hongkong can you use it to make call). We suggest you to use iFREE's iGlobalSIM to contact your family and friends.(If your phone charge is overdue and can't be used to go online due to your misoperation, we bear no responsibility for this situation.
Can I share network with my friends with MOGO S?(hotspot sharing)
A:You can share your network when you turn on personal hotspot, only a few countries will be limited by hotspot sharing. We suggest you to turn on personal hotspot and have a try, it won't cause you any fee.
What should I do when I lost my iFREE MOGO S card?(re-purchase, post register))
A:You cannot post register your MOGO S card.

Payment (3)

Can I cancel or change packages that I've already bought but haven't used?
A:For the package that you haven't started using or activated, you can click "My Order">"Go to Package">"Refund" and reorder the package you need. However, you cannot change or cancel package that you've already started using or activated.
After I unsubscribed my MOGO S package, how long can I get my money/iPoints/Rewards back?
A: Refunded amount will be sent back to your account within 3 to 5 weekdays. iPoints will be sent back to your iPoint account if you bought package with iPoints before. Packages purchased by iRewards cannot be cancel.
Will costs incurred when I turn on the International roaming of my MOGO S?
A:Because iFREE MOGO S card is a roaming data SIM, so it needs user to turn on data roaming, and it won't cost additional roaming cost.

Troubleshooting (6)

What should I do first when I receive iFREE MOGO S card?(Re-purchase, post register)

A:First visit , download iAPP to register(log in) iFREE account, and enter ICCID number to activate the card. Then go to "Store", choose package according to the country and plan you set.(Purchase before travelling abroad.)

After arriving destination, what to do next when I found my phone shows" no service"? (Operator Setting)

A:The reason for "No Service"is probably because the MOGO S doesn't connect to local operator. You can try to restart your mobile device; if it is still unavailable, you should try to set operator manually by following steps: a. iOS: open "Settings"--"Mobile Network"--close "Automatic"--search the Internet and choose the right operator. (For example: Austria, choose "Orange") b. Andriod: open "Settings" --"Mobile Netword"--"Carrier"--search the internet and choose the right operator."

What should I do when I still see ‘No Service’ after connecting my network to your partner operator? (APN setting)

A:Setup your APN according to our most up-to-date “APN Configuration List” using the following steps: a) iOS: Go to Settings > Cellular > Turn on Cellular Data > Cellular Data Options > Turn on Data Roaming > Cellular Data Network > Input APN (for your destination country). Go to Settings > Turn on Airplane Mode for 2 minutes and turn it off b) Android: Go to Settings > Mobile Networks > Turn on Mobile Data > Access Point Names > New APN > Input a name of your choice and APN (for your destination country) > Save and choose the APN. Go to Settings > Turn on Data Roaming > Turn on Airplane Mode for 2 minutes and turn it off

How do I check the APN for my destination country?
A:The APN of your destination country can be viewed using by using the following steps: a) Find the FAQ section from the iAPP home page. b) Visit and scroll down to the operator list. c) Go to WeChat and search for our account “iFREEGROUP”. Go to “More”, select ‘Frequently Asked Questions’, and scroll down to view the operator list.
What is the reason for not connecting to network after arriving destination country? (trouble shooting)
A:a. Check the package ○ Ensure your package is still within its validity. ○ Ensure your SIM card is bound with the account. Process: "iFREE APP"--"SIM Manage"--"Manage"--"Bind the Card" Solution: If your problem is one of the above, you need to order the package or bind the card once your phone connects to the internet.
b. Check settings of your phone ○ Ensure your phone supports GSM, WCDMA system; for dual-card dual-dtandby phone, make sure SIM card is in the main slot. ○ Must open cellular data network and data roaming function. ○ If your destination country is part of the region in Asia, Europe or America, you should set the APN and operator munually by the instructuon. Solution: set according to the step above, and restart the phone. If you try the operation above and are still unable to use your MOGO S card, Please try to restart the phone.
c. Check your operation ○ After 5 prompts appeared when start/restart your phone, click "ok" of each prompt. ○ After the end of the final prompt, wait for 2 to 5 minutes, signal position will turn from "X" to white signal bars. ○ Better avoid the environment of tunnel, subway, elevator, sea, forest, cave or high speed movement. After-sales service ○ Please contact our official wechat "iFREE GROUP" if you have further questions. ○ Contact number of iFREE official customer service (Call abroad) + 85224738888 Visit
How to check current status of my MOGO S package?

Visit , download iApp, enter "User Center"--"MOGO S"--"Order Management" to check your current status and consumption status.

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